Game of Thrones Décor Ideas


Everyone knows that when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. And sometimes you get really hungry.

Season 8 is finally here, and I wanted to plan the perfect Game of Thrones viewing party. I recently became a HUGE fan after binging the show for three weeks straight back in March. I didn’t think I would have been able to do it, but once I got into episode 3 of Season 1, I was hooked on the characters. Now I can see why everyone loves this show. It is soooo good! My love of Game of Thrones is as eternal as Daenerys's love for her dragons. Anyway, I wanted to show you my recent obsessions with these fresh GOT home décor items that were easy to put together for the viewing party. From wall dragon decals, custom wine glasses, to dragon egg candles, DIY dragon egg gifts for the kids, and more. If you're a true fan, you need these products. Take a look at these genius picks and treat yourself to your own décor party before Winter is over. We've only got five more episodes you know, you know (tear).

Photo Credit: My Daughter Mariah


How to create your own GOT party:

Napkins + Plates: Party City

7 Pack Dragon Wall Decals: Amazon

Set of 4, 30" x 50" Wall Banners, In Gift Box: Amazon

Mother of Dragons Wine Glass: Amazon

Sculpted Dragon Egg Candles: Amazon

Gold Center Charger Plate: Party City

Large Chip Bowl: Party City

Medieval Balloons 6ct.: Party City

How To DIY Dragon Eggs: Gather Large Gold Egg(s) from Party City and draw Dragon scales with a black sharpie and your done!