Nike Air Zoom Strong Floral

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have such an obsession with sneakers and floral. The combination of the two always wins my heart. When I saw these Nike Air Zoom Strong, I fell in LOVE with the black and white floral print! First of all, let me be the first to tell you … you are cool enough to wear sneakers with jeans or a fashion outfit. It’s such an easy look to pull off. These Nike Air Zoom Strong sneakers were such a good purchase because you can wear them working out, or going to the mall, meeting friends for lunch, or on a vacation that requires a lot of walking. You will get SO much use out of these sneakers because they are INSANELY comfortable (and fashionable)! These, in particular, goes well with my occasional black and white outfits, that I am happy to add these Nike Air Zoom Strong sneakers to my shoe collection.

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