San Diego Comic Con Here I Come

Guess who won the DC Entertainment Squad Up! Suicide Squad Cosplay Contest? This Katana!! Check out the final squad selection as well my feature spot at  I can't believe after the endless nights of voting, running to local comic book stores asking for support, friends and family promoting me and voting for me non-stop, I was able to pull through 1st place in both rounds. I almost wasn't going to enter because how can this work-a-holic single mother from Dallas beat out some amazing cosplayers; I was so nervous to even enter. But with a huge push from one of my best friends, I was convince I can do this and actually win it if I really wanted to. And it's already been a great journey so far. Getting the call that I was selected as the winner of the Katana category, is by far one of the best things that have happened to me for a long time and was so much needed. Everyone in the competition had some amazing cosplay outfits and made this a tough competition. I got to meet some incredible talented people from this contest alone and was happy in my category we supported each other creative talents. I just can't thank DC Comics for hosting this contest and for choosing me to represent Katana at one of the biggest events of the year – San Diego Comic Con.

I will be making some final touches this week to my cosplay outfit and packing me and my daughter's bag to head out to San Diego next week. She is so happy ever since she heard the news. I'm sure she will be stacking up her comic book collection after next weekend. I can't wait to post my entire experience on my blog after next weekend and so excited to #SQUADUP with the rest of the team. Thank you again for everyone that supported me! -xo Mel

Photo Credit: @apearlkindofgirl