5 Reasons why Avengers 2 is Marvel-ous

All the buzz this past weekend was the official release of the box office hit, 'Avengers 2: Age of Ultron' grossing in #1 with $187 million in US and $255 million worldwide. Comics has taken over popularity these past years gaining more and more respect for not only being a "kid" thing, but appreciated across all ages and not being know as nerdy. Me being a fangirl since I was little, has always been huge fan of the comic world and the Avengers story is one of my favorites. So of course I had to see it when it release this past weekend. I don't think it topped the first one, but this one is still amazing with the special effects, storyline, action and funny liners between the characters. Here are my top 5 reasons why I thought it was great:


1. Humanizing Hawekeye

In the first Avengers we really didn't get to know him besides being brain washed most of the movie leaving us to as why is he part of the Avengers. We finally got to know this archery master, taking in more of a leadership role and showing his background and human side of him. Glad they made this move in the movie, got to see how skillful he is and what makes him tick.

2. The Twins

Introducing new characters – Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. Are they friends or enemies of the Avengers? It was cool to see Quicksilver moves so fast and how Scarlet Witch is a force to be reckon with. You'll love these two regardless if they sided against Avengers.  

3. A Romance You Want to Happen

The first Avengers hinted around a romance between the Hulk and Black Widow. This time around you get to see the flames between the two more. What you think would be a weird couple actually makes sense. She thinks she is a monster from her Russian Spy days leaving her unlovable and the Hulk – who rage is destructive. As one could say she is the only one that can "tame" the Hulk. This romance between them isn't force.

4. Captain America Suits Up

There is a huge difference between the first Avenger's Captain America suit to Avengers 2. Moving away from his leotard days to more of an actual suit with deeper blue, red and white. Matching close to his Winter Solider debut. I give it 2 thumbs up.

4. Hulkbuster vs. the Hulk

This was one of the biggest smackdown of 'Age of Ultron'. Iron Man gets into his Hulkbuster which he designed just for when the Hulk gets out of control (well more than normal). These couple of minutes of their fight scene, tearing up buildings, screaming people, and the special effects was awesome. Hulk smash. 

5. Get Ready for Some Comedy

Between the six of them, the exchange of comedy relief throughout the movie was hilarious. From Captain America's, "Watch Your Language" to Thor's hammer challenge, Age of Ultron took laughter to a whole other level and it felt so natural and had all ages in the theatre cracking up.

All in all I give this movie a B+. Running time is roughly 2 hrs and 20 mins. It may not had been as great as the first Avengers, but 'Age of Ultron' still is entertaining and fun and you will root for them throughout the whole movie. Avenger's Assemble. -xo Mel