Weekend Review: Pitch Perfect 2 & Mad Max

What a great weekend – two big movies, Pitch Perfect 2 & Mad Max, hit the big screens this past weekend and already taken over the #1 and #2 spot at the box office finally de-throne Marvel's Avengers 2.  It's only mid May and these pre-summer movies are already setting off in the right direction. Here is my recap of both these movies. Enjoy! - Mel


Taking #1 at the box office, bringing in over 70 million dollars and taking down the Avengers. This movie was one of the anticipating movies that me and my daughter been waiting on. We loved the first one and all the mashups are amazing and what more can you not love more than the Bellas in this movie. For the second time around, they carried on the same antics, having to compete to prove they are #1, this time against the world. A couple of things that I didn't really care for was the over use of describing race. Ok we got it the first time, but to keep introducing the other characters and downplay their race was kinda got dull and redundant and wasn't as funny as they were trying to make it out to be. Also the whole movie, they are preparing to go against the tough European team who I thought was awesome. They even did a rendition of one of my favorite EDM songs Tsunami. But the ending sign off scene to see who is #1 in the world – lasted like 5 minutes. My favorite scene was in the middle when 5 teams all competed in an underground sign off and they had random categories they had to face off, the 90's part was fun. All in all good movie. Wasn't as great as the first one, but still entertaining for me and my daughter. 

Rating: C+


Taking the #2 spot at the box office this past weekend is Mad Max Fury Road. Not knowing what to expect, this movie takes you on a wild, crazy adventure ride for 2 hours (Not kidding either). George Miller's epic return with Mad Max Fury Road, takes us for another wild ride continuing on a movie that was popular about 30 years ago. Now that we got the joys and wonders of technology and action cinema has evolved, this movie was crazy, yet I couldn't stop watching wondering what they heck was going to happen next.  But for me the women ruled this movie and Mad Max seem more as the supporting role. "Furiosa" played by Charlize Theron, was the main character, kicking butt from start to finish in the movie and for a good reason. I like to call her the 'Female Road Warrior'. This is a must see if you are in need of an action pact movie.

Rating: B+