Missy Elliot Steals Superbowl XLIX Halftime Show

AMAZING! Was there even a football game going on? Just kidding it was a good game, but with the same teams again. How awesome was Katy Perry's performance – entering on a giant lion, to dancing sharks, riding in the sky on a shooting star, to the live fireworks over the stadium. Than Lenny Kravitz makes his appearance which was good also, but the non-stop talk was the huge surprise of Missy Elliot coming out and singing all her greatest hits from 2001, Get Your Freak On, Lose Control, Work It. The minute she came on and starting singing, Twitter went crazy and Missy Elliot was trending. She looked great and had everyone going crazy, you couldn't help but turn the volume up on the TV and start dancing, singing every word to her songs. It's those type of songs you remember what you was doing at that exact moment when her song plays. 

I sure hope this is a sign of maybe some new work in store for Missy Elliot. We missed those types of upbeat hip hop music. 

Music makes me loose control. -xo Mel