USA Soccer Player Clint Dempsey Raps?

Who can forget the 38 seconds first goal of the game by USA soccer player Clint Dempsey this past monday against Ghana. Not only has that been in the highlights, but the fact that he raps too? SAY WHAT?!    

This past Wednesday he released his first single, "It's Popping" to his new rap album, "The Redux".

On “It’s Poppin”, Dempsey raps faster than a 30-second goal. He talks about scoring G’s out on the green, his humble Texas roots (See my followers I’m not common/Though I was raised off that ramen), his life on the road and his good fortune. 

During his off season, he goes by his rapper name, "Deuce". I will say its actually not that bad and he's reppin' Texas, so that makes it even better. Never limited or underestimate yourself. 

For the Win!

You can listen to it in the video below or download the single off Dempsey website here,