Friday Thoughts

I love motivational quotes. They have helped me a lot through some of my hardest times. So this past Sunday, I heard this quote that I turned into a simple graphic and wanted to share what it means to me. 

You are unique. Yes as simple as it sounds we are all individually unique. Everyone has their own gifts. I think we compare ourselves too much to other people which than brings us down to have negative thoughts that we are not able to do anything. I been guilty of this, but even for myself I know I have gifts that I am still discovering till this day. Everyone's path is different. 

Build on your personal talents. I recently am discovering that I like doing simple DIY projects that in the beginning I didn't think I was good at. I questioned myself is this too simple? Is it too minimal? Will people like it? But the more and more I have different project ideas the more I am noticing my design aesthics and liking the outcome. They always say practice makes perfect so why not go out and try to build on what you are good at.

Keep Discovering. As a designer, I always trying to keep up with what's in style, latest trends, my likes and dislikes (notice it changes as you get older). The only way to increase your gifts to enjoy what you love doing. What are your passions? Start discovering your gifts, zone into them and be excellent at your OWN level.

"Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend." - Marian Anderson