Star Wars 'Force Friday' Everyday Cosplay


Today marks 'Force Friday'. 'Force Friday' is Christmas morning for Star Wars fans. It is the biggest shopping event which began in 2015 when new merchandise was released in anticipation of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

"It's the largest franchise in the history of the toy business," Silver told CNN Tech. "The people who buy the toys study [them] and look for hints or spoilers that will give them some information about the movie."

My daughter and I are huge fans of Star Wars. I found this perfect white dress from the online boutique Lulus. This dress embodies a modern-day Princess Leia with it's unique, backless silhouette and woven poly fabric that drapes into a front tier, and cape sleeves that trail alongside the sheath skirt. I really fell in love with this effortless dress and it will definitely on repeat, especially at upcoming Comic Cons. And let me just talk about how cute my daughter looks in her R2D2 dress. She just loves R2D2 because he's such a smart, spunky droid. This R2D2 dress will be on repeat in her closet as she already thinking of Halloween. Hope everyone has a great 'Force Friday'! -xo Mel


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