Movie Review: Spider-Man “Homecoming”

'Civil War' Aside, This Is A Fresh Start For Spider-Man

Spider-Man has never been this cool. Sony's collaboration with Marvel Studios gets so many things right, it’s almost difficult to list them all. For starters, there’s no origin story: no radioactive spider and Uncle Ben getting shot and “with great power comes great responsibility” speech and on and on. If you really don’t know how Peter Parker became Spider-Man, look up one of the earlier movies. Peter does still live with his Aunt May, but she’s been not the elderly widow we all know to a younger aunt played by Marisa Tomei. 'Homecoming' headlined by actor Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker AND the best Spider-Man ever to hit the big screens. He is very much in line with the original comics and it really doesn’t get better than this.

After two not so great ‘Amazing’ films, it seemed like another bad idea when I heard that Spider-Man was being rebooted again. But this one works. Peter Parker is a kid who loves putting the costume on and trying to be a superhero, and while he can't wait to get away from it, the stuff going on at his high school is some of the best stuff in the movie. Peter's diverse friends, classmates, and teachers add so much life to the film you genuinely feels the real-life story of Peter Parker, making 'Homecoming' feels instantly livelier in comparison. 

And finally, a villain done right. Michael Keaton went from Batman to Birdman and now Vulture, and he’s a complete package – great screen presence, amazing special effects to make his ‘bad guy suit’ threatening, a surprisingly solid character to makes you empathize with him, and the best possible resolution during the climax. If you think about it, it’s the same package combo with Holland as Spider-Man, which is how they work so well as hero and villain in the film. But there’s another surprise that the film offers – Michael Keaton’s Vulture, is almost certainly the best Marvel villain since Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I enjoyed how Spider-Man 'Homecoming' picks up after the events of Captain America: Civil War, the movie in which you will remember, Tom Holland’s Spidey made his debut – and if we’re all being honest, got us psyched for more. In this film, you get to see young Peter Parker trying his best to prove to Tony Stark who becomes Peter’s surrogate dad, that he is brave enough to help save the world. The relationship they share between the two of them s a lot of fun. This film is still an origin story, and it’s safe to assume that Spidey will become stronger with future films, and would probably even go on to take Stark’s place and lead the Avengers after the Infinity Wars films. I mean who wouldn’t want to be part of the Avengers? That would be something to see. 

I give this film 4 out 5 stars. There really is no reason you shouldn’t be seeing this film at the earliest. It was fun & entertaining, the cast was awesome, and Tom Holland is the plays the perfect Peter Parker. Oh and stay for two end credits scene – I assure you, it’s going to be worth the wait.