Everyday Cosplay – Jessica Jones


Today Marvel’s The Defenders debuts on Netflix and it features one of my favorite and underrated street superheroes – Jessica Jones. I decided to do an 'everyday cosplay' representing her with everyday clothing that I have in my closet. She has such a simple outfit, but it goes well with her attitude. It’s taken too long to like her if you haven’t seen her own Netflix’s Jessica Jones series, but Jessica Jones is exactly what the overwhelmingly male Marvel Universe has been crying out for.

Everything You Need to Know About Jessica Jones, Marvel's Most Badass Detective

The Defenders series, teams up several of the Marvel's "street level" superheroes together, with Jessica joining Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage -- who debuts in Jessica Jones -- in the lineup. But who is Jessica? She’s not as well known as Daredevil or the Agents of SHIELD, even though she spent some time as an Avenger in the comics. Jessica’s birth parents were killed in the same accident that granted her superhuman abilities: a chemical spill during a car crash that left her in a coma for months. After being orphaned and taken in by the Jones family, Jessica’s powers—superhuman strength, flight, and limited invulnerability—began to emerge. I can't wait to Netflix and chill this whole series this weekend. If you see The Defenders this weekend, let me know your what you guys think. 

Photo Credit: My daughter Mariah


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Summer Striped Romper


I am getting sad that we are officially transitioning from summer to back-to-school. As I am preparing my daughter for 8th grade, I couldn’t resist sharing how much I loved wearing this Striped Romper on Ocean Beach a few weeks back. I actually found this Striped Romper on sale (winning) when I was on the hunt for something to wear to the beach. It was such a great casual piece to walk the broad walk and to go out for dinner with my daughter. Another reason I really like this striped romper is that it can be worn with casual sandals, flats or even a dressy wedges. Hopefully, it is apparent that I love finding a great piece (on sale) that I can wear more than a handful of times on various summertime occasions.

Photo Credit: My daughter Mariah



My First Ever Vlog - San Diego Comic-Con 2017

This is my first ever video blog (Vlog) I have ever done. It was one of my goals this year to learn how to create and edit a video, and start a YouTube channel where I can really feature more behind the scenes of My Everyday Lifestyle. In this video, I walk the exhibit hall and showcase what it's like to go to a huge event like Comic-Con, comics, movie & TV show booths, toys, pop culture, costumes, cosplay, Gaslamp Quarter, and other things around San Diego: Ocean Beach, Hotel Del Coronado, Dolphin watching, and more. 

San Diego Comic-Con is the first, and largest convention of its kind. With over 100,000 attendees, Comic-Con is held every summer in San Diego and literally takes over the city.  This is the second year my daughter and I have been to comic-con, so this is a little taste of our yearly vacation. 

Don't judge me too hard. This is my first time ever making a video. If you like it make sure you hit the 'thumbs up' and subscribe to my channel. Hope you guys enjoy!  -xo Mel