About Me:  I’m a Creative Director living and working in Dallas. I have a simple yet quirky personality, which I think parallels nicely with my design aesthetics. I like to make the most of my day.

This blog was a long time coming - a place to gather my thoughts, ideas, love for styling and a place to simple be MEL. 

Fun Facts: I'm addicted to warm drinks – coffee, tea, hot cocoa. I love anything comic related – Star Wars, Marvel, DC. On my spare time I like running, movie-holic, eating sweetarts, looking for bargains and spending time with my family. I like to DIY and try to spare 10 mins or less DIYing something. You can alway count on me wearing sneakers, but can easily switch it up with a pair of heels. 

Contact: I would love to hear from, if you have any questions, feedback or collaboration ideas. I love people who want to take ideas to the next level and have a passion for creating. I am excited to meet you and would love to chat.

Thanks so much for visiting My Everyday Lifestyle and please come back soon!